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    Wednesday, September 22, 2021

    HP Introduces Industry’s Most Robust Channel Intelligence Platform

    At HP Reinvent today, HP Inc. unveiled HP Amplify™ Data Insights, a new partner platform designed to turn data analytics into rich insights that inspire new strategies, steer innovation, and anticipate customer needs. Now available on the HP Partner Portal, the robust platform combines third party intelligence and partner data into one intuitive dashboard, enabling partners to benchmark performance, deepen customer relationships and solidify long-term strategies.

    Since the launch of HP Amplify in 2020, 98 percent of eligible partners opted-in to report data1. HP has collaborated closely with these partners to sharpen their digital skills and deliver valuable research throughout the customer buying journey. With more than one billion data points uploaded to the platform on a weekly basis, HP Amplify Data Insights provides real-time access to multiple data sets catered to each partner’s business.

    “The events of the past 18 months have dramatically altered how customers engage with brands and ultimately make technology buying decisions - data plays a critical role in our ability to both monitor and respond quickly to these evolving customer needs,” said Christoph Schell, Chief Commercial Officer, HP Inc. “With HP Amplify Data Insights, HP is delivering on our collaboration promise by turning partner data into deeper insights, designed to deliver more positive customer outcomes and enable long-term partner growth and recurring revenue.”

    The Power of Data

    Business that prioritize data at the center of their vision and strategy are 58 percent more likely to beat their revenue goals than non-data driven companies2. With worldwide data usage expected to reach a staggering 175 zettabytes by 20253, businesses are tasked with ramping up investments in data intelligence while minimizing complexity between insights and action.

    With HP Amplify Data Insights, partners now have immediate access to a rich set of data analytics they can leverage to hone customer segment strategies, anticipate purchase propensity, and implement targeted campaigns – each aimed at influencing the customer buying journey. As insights become the new currency for business, partners who leverage data effectively will cement themselves as dynamic, trusted sellers.

    Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Insights

    HP Amplify Data Insights combines protected partner data with third-party market intelligence and internal data into one intuitive platform within three key segments.

    Descriptive Insights to benchmark performance and drive customer segment strategies:

    Enriched combination of HP and partner data on performance relative to their country or market, such as sales growth, product performance and inventory levels.

    • Revenue and unit sales by industry and company size
    • Rankings by industry and company size
    • Ratios to hardware by industry and company size
    • Inventory levels by HP product group, category, and product line
    • Sales mix by customer industry
    • Compensation and rebate history

    Predictive Insights to anticipate customer interest and purchase decisions:

    Customer purchase propensity estimations based on HP proprietary algorithms based on customer refresh cycle data, warranty expiration heatmaps and product lifecycle intelligence.

    • Product warranty and renewal heatmaps
    • Customer buying intent predictions
    • Customer engagement topic insights
    • Engagement evolution by customer
    • Customer engagement propensity and intent
    • Customer interest topics based on the past six months

    Prescriptive Insights to up-sell, cross-sell and optimize marketing campaigns:

    Recommendations on specific sales and marketing actions for individual company and customer groups to upgrade and cross-sell hardware and services.

    • Customer installed base recommendations
    • Product recommendations for fast-track campaigns
    • Product recommendations for long-tail campaigns
    • Product recommendations by customer

    Starting today, participating Amplify partners reporting within HP Amplify data quality guidelines will receive immediate access to the new platform via the HP Partner Portal.

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