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    Friday, September 30, 2022

    Celebrate Nigeria with Yummy Delicacies on Bolt Food!

    When one thinks about what connects society and makes people proud, a few things come to mind. They include language, religion, value systems, social organization, customs, and traditions, among others.  But one important element which identifies a people and connects generations to generations is often omitted – food!

    Food is the linchpin of society, and it embodies the rich history and culture of a people. It not only creates a connection amongst individuals in ways other elements of culture cannot, but it supersedes its role and stands to define culture itself sometimes.

    How better connected can one be with their ancestors than eating the same food they did, using the same recipes, and making the same mistakes in the kitchen? Many memories pass by of hours spent of children watching their parents prepare food whilst sharing their own experiences with their parents.

    For many people, watching what they eat and how they eat provides a lot more information about who they are than any survey or interview can. There is this strong belief that traditional foods taste so much better when eaten with hand than with cutleries. How can one explain that without knowledge of the culture?

    More than that, though, food binds Nigerians together in more ways than can be imagined. People share many laughs and sorrows around the tabletops than they do anywhere else. Stop taking food, especially local delicacies, for granted and appreciate the stories it tells of traditional and culturally rich people.

    The Bolt Food app is rich with top food vendors making tasty and yummy delicacies. To help Nigerians ‘chop better’, Bolt Food is offering a simple way for you to reconnect with culture through food. Between the 30th of September and the 01st of October, Bolt Food is offering a 40% discount on two orders.

    Use the code NAIJAFLAVOUR this weekend on the Bolt Food app and indulge in the delicacies you can.

    To stay informed of all our exciting deals, follow us on IG @boltfoodng and FB @BoltFoodNigeria.

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