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    Wednesday, September 28, 2022

    Uber, Lyft, Square, ScyllaDB & Google Engineers on the P99 CONF Agenda

    ScyllaDB, the company behind the ScyllaDB database for data-intensive apps that require high performance and low latency, today announced the agenda for P99 CONF 2022.

    P99 CONF is a highly-technical conference where top engineers share how they are tackling their toughest high-performance, low-latency challenges. Focus areas include Rust, Go, event streaming architectures, databases, Linux, virtualization, observability, and Kubernetes – all with an emphasis on open source software. The two-day event is free, purely virtual, and highly interactive.

    This year’s event features 50+ sessions from engineers at Uber, Lyft, Square, ScyllaDB, Google, Red Hat, Oracle, RedisLabs, Microsoft, and more.

    Keynotes include:

    • Gil Tene (Azul Systems): Misery Metrics & Consequences
    • Liz Rice (Isovalent): Using eBPF for High-Performance Networking in Cilium
    • Malte Ubl (Vercel): Ultra-Low-Latency Web Rendering on the Edge
    • Dor Laor (ScyllaDB): P99 Pursuit
    • Charity Majors and Ian Smith (Honeycomb): Performance Tuning with Precision
    • Bryan Cantrill (Oxide Computer Company): Sharpening the Axe: The Primacy of Toolmaking
    • Avi Kivity (ScyllaDB): How a Database Looks from a Disk’s Perspective

    Additionally, some of the most-anticipated sessions on the agenda include:

    • Steven Rostedt (Google): Analyze Virtual Machine Overhead Compared to Bare Metal with Tracing
    • Omar Elgabry (Square): Square Engineering’s “Fail Fast, Retry Soon” Performance Optimization Technique
    • Pavlo Stavytskyi (Lyft): Measuring the CPU Performance of Android Apps at Lyft
    • Cristian Velazquez (Uber): Large-Scale, Semi-Automated Go Garbage Collection Tuning at Uber
    • Ron Pressler (Oracle): Why User-Mode Threads Are Good for Performance
    • Armin Ronacher (Sentry, Flask framework): Overcoming Variable Payloads to Optimize for Performance

    The vendor-neutral, community-focused event is organized and hosted by ScyllaDB. P99 CONF offers a core subset of talks focused on low-latency distributed data – sharing engineering strategies from RedisLabs, Percona, Redpanda, QuestDB, TiDB, RavenDB, DragonflyDB, RageDB, and ScyllaDB.

    For the full agenda and to register for P99 CONF, visit p99conf.io.

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