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    Thursday, May 25, 2023

    Banzan Studios Showcases their TRANSMEDIA Character IP BaBlah® at Gitex Africa 2023

    Banzan Studios (Banzan Ventures Pvt Ltd) is delighted to participate in the Gitex Africa 2023 Digital Summit to showcase their TRANSMEDIA Character IP BaBlah® and explore wonderful opportunities the great land of African continent offers.

    Banzan Studios, a young Start-up from Kochi, India is a dynamic indie entertainment studio with a vision to build a Disney for Gaming through Character & Content IP’s, is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Gitex Africa 2023 Digital Summit. This prestigious event that is bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and technology enthusiasts from around the world is a wonderful platform for Banzan Studios to showcase its entertaining products. The studio's virtual character-driven casual games and comics have already captivated over a 100 million wide global audience, and Banzan Studios is ready to expand its footprint and its product portfolio further this year.

    Banzan Studios are the Roadshow winner from the tiny state of Kerala in India for an invited participation in the Gitex Africa 2023 expo, sponsored by the GITEX GLOBAL, Dubai World Trade Centre and supported by Kerala Startup Mission. Banzan Studios is among the very few gaming studios worldwide, taking a Character IP led approach and their primary character has certain firsts and uniqueness to his credit. For knowing more, be there at Marrakech, Morocco between31st May 2023 to 02nd June 2023.

    Gitex Africa 2023 Digital Summit, scheduled to take place from 31st May 2023 to 02nd June 2023, serves as a premier gathering for digital transformation, technology advancements, and creative industries across the continent. By participating in this renowned summit, Banzan Studios aims to demonstrate its character and gaming-first approach to storytelling and engage with key stakeholders in the global and African tech and entertainment sectors.

    As an indie entertainment studio, Banzan Studios prides itself on creating immersive experiences that resonate with audiences. Currently, the studio engages the community through virtual character-driven casual games and comics. These interactive offerings have garnered a dedicated following and exemplify Banzan Studios' commitment to delivering engaging and enjoyable content.

    "We are thrilled to be a part of the Gitex Africa 2023 Digital Summit and showcase our character led Transmedia approach to Gaming and digital entertainment holistically. We would love to introduce BaBlah® our primary IP, arguably World’s First VIRTUAL ACTOR to Africa and other global participants," said Mr. Mukesh Dev, the founder of Banzan Studios. "Our goal is to create captivating experiences that blend storytelling, interactivity, and memorable characters. We believe in the power of gaming and gamification to engage and connect with players on a deeper level. We are building an India inspired Disney for Gaming that will entertain billions around the globe."

    With a strong focus on mobile gaming, digital storytelling and immersive content, Banzan Studios recognizes the potential of the vibrant African market and the incredible stories and civilisation that could be great concepts for development in future. By participating in Gitex Africa 2023 Digital Summit, the studio aims to build partnerships, network with industry leaders, and explore avenues for growth and collaboration. We are also open for gaming, content and gamification projects that could lead to a superior immersive engagement with customers of brands with large consumer base and multiple touch points.

    Banzan Studios envisions a future where their portfolio expands beyond virtual character-driven casual games and comics to other domains of entertainment. The studio is actively exploring multiple product possibilities to further entertain and delight their community. By pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation, Banzan Studios aims to leave an indelible mark on the gaming industry in Africa and beyond.

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