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    Friday, June 30, 2023

    Introducing Ubuntu Education: Empowering African Educators for a Brighter Future

    Ubuntu HUB, a groundbreaking initiative developed by Ubuntu Education, dedicated to empowering educators across Africa unveiled with comprehensive professional development opportunities and a vibrant networking platform.

    The hub aims to bridge the gap between innovation and learners by focusing on the pivotal role of educators in driving educational transformation by facilitating collaboration, idea exchange, and support, creating a sense of unity and collective responsibility among educators.
    Ubuntu Education empowers educators through comprehensive professional development, job opportunities, school improvement strategies, and a networking platform. Their approach, deeply rooted in decolonisation and guided by African education research, reflects the Ubuntu philosophy's emphasis on collective responsibility and shared humanity.

    David ​Marriott 
    CEO & Founding Partner

    David Marriott is a highly experienced education professional renowned for his expertise in developing effective schools, empowering educators, and implementing holistic school improvement strategies. With over 15 years of experience in education, Marriott currently serves as the CEO & Founding Partner of Ubuntu Education, where he is dedicated to enhancing schools and maximising their impact.

    Marriott's journey began as a class teacher, where he gained a deep understanding of educational methodologies and strategies. As he progressed in his career, he assumed leadership positions and successfully led a prominent International School in Malawi. His approach focused on capacity building within his team, fostering excellence both inside and outside the classroom.

    Drawing from his wealth of experience, passion, and expertise, Marriott delivers engaging and inspiring presentations on a range of topics to do with developing strong schools. He advocates for distributed leadership models, encouraging effective collaboration and decision-making at all levels. 
    Marriott emphasises the importance of holistic school improvement, addressing not only academic aspects but also social and emotional well-being. A key aspect of Marriott's approach is the empowerment of teachers through a coaching approach, providing them with the necessary support to improve and develop their skills. He underscores the need to tailor approaches to the specific context of each school, recognising that what works in one setting may not be applicable elsewhere.

    Through his dedication to school development and his commitment to empowering educators, David Marriott drives positive change in schools, ensuring their effectiveness and success. His expertise in implementing holistic approaches and utilising coaching methodologies contributes to the overall growth and improvement of both teachers and schools.

    Marriott can speak to the following topics:
    Building ‘Growth Mindset’ staff teams
    Educational Leadership in Africa
    The changing education landscape
    Transforming education in Africa
    If you would like to interview Ubuntu Education’s CEO, David Marriott, kindly let me know, and I will gladly assist you.

    Eric ​​Mugwiza
    CTO & Founding Partner

    Eric Mugwiza is a visionary technology leader and the CTO & Founding Partner of Ubuntu Education. With a profound passion for driving innovative strategies in education, Eric is revolutionising the education landscape through digital transformation. His extensive experience in education and learning technologies has enabled him to spearhead the Digital Transformation Agenda, creating opportunities for students and educators alike. As the Technology Director of a leading American school in Rwanda, Mugwiza integrates educational technology and provides training to teachers, resulting in engaging, inclusive, and personalised learning experiences.

    Mugwiza excels at bridging the gap between technology and education, implementing cutting-edge solutions that address the unique needs of the education sector. His expertise in learning technologies and commitment to staying ahead of emerging trends allows him to maximise the impact of advancements in the digital landscape. Mugwiza inspires a wide-ranging digital audience through various media channels. His presence in the digital realm enables him to reach and motivate educators and decision-makers across different platforms.

    Through his transformative vision, Mugwiza emphasises the importance of inclusive, student-centered learning environments powered by technology. He provides practical strategies and tools to drive meaningful change, empowering educators and decision-makers to shape the future of education. Mugwiza's innovative approaches and dedication to leveraging technology for educational advancement make him a true inspiration in the field.

    • Mugwiza can speak to the following topics;
    • Digital Transformation in Education
    •  eLearning and Online Education in Africa
    • Educational Leadership in Technology Integration
    • Tech related Teacher Training and Professional Development
     If you’d like to conduct a Q&A session with Ubuntu Education’s CTO & Founding Partner, Eric Mugwiza, kindly let me know, and I will organise it.

    Jess ​King

    COO & Partner

    Jess King, the COO & Partner of Ubuntu Education, is a dedicated education professional who believes that education should be a collaborative and inclusive process that values the input of various stakeholders, including local communities, educators, and students themselves. With an undergraduate degree in African Studies, as well as her experiences as a student and later a teacher in various parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, King recognises the limitations of Western homogenised approaches in meeting the needs of students in different contexts. 

    In particular, King’s focus on Africa stems from her understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by teachers in the region. She is acutely aware of the limitations in post-initial teacher training qualifications and recognises the importance of addressing this gap. By advocating for and actively working towards improved career progression for teachers, King seeks to create pathways for continuous learning, specialisation, and professional growth. By promoting opportunities for teachers to expand their qualifications and expertise, she strives to empower educators and elevate the standards of education across the continent.

    Her diverse teaching experiences have deeply influenced her own career focus:  the decolonisation of education, specifically in the African context. Her strong belief in empowering students through inclusive and culturally relevant education drives her commitment to decolonising education. Combining her expertise in African Studies and first-hand teaching experiences in various settings, Jess brings a unique perspective to her work, advocating for meaningful change in the education landscape. As a speaker, Jess shares profound insights on decolonising education, delving into the challenges and opportunities of fostering inclusive, culturally relevant, and fit-for-purpose learning environments. Her discussions go beyond merely making education culturally sensitive, aiming to drive systemic shifts that align with best practices and propel education towards a more equitable and empowering future.

    King can speak to the following topics;

    • Decolonising Education - historical and cultural biases within educational systems
    • Teacher Careers post initial teacher training
    • Educational Equity and Access
    • Transforming Education global agenda

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