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    Thursday, May 23, 2024

    Celebrating Teachers, Reimagining Education in Nigeria

    Abike Sanusi

    Yearly, on World Teacher’s Day, World Teacher’s Dayteachers who give us the fundamental skills on which our future rests are celebrated. In  a country like Nigeria, which is a country filled with educational tributes, there’s a need to reawaken the passion for impacting knowledge in the teaching career.

    The passion for play-based learning

    Mrs Omotola Lawson, the founder of Delightful Toyshop – Nigeria’s first toy-focused shop, is a teacher by training. According to her, there was a time when teachers were seen as the builders of young minds, not just by the word of knowledge. There was joy in learning, a spark that lightened curiosity.

    She said her experience  in the classroom and business gave her a special idea. According to her, Delightful Toyshop, reflects the direct power of play in sparking a child’s imagination. This helps them to explore, experiment and learn at their convenience. Unfortunately, the education system of Nigeria neglects this crucial aspect .

    Beyond the paper: Reviving  the teaching spirit

    The Nigerian education system has gone a long way, but challenges remain, such as rigid curriculum, limited infrastructure, and large class sizes. These problems can kill the creativity and passion of teachers

    She noted that  teachers need support; imagine an artist doesn’t have proper tools. This is the reality of Nigerian teachers. They should be given resources and trained to encourage a compelling learning environment.

    How to bring back the spark in the Nigerian educational system

    Teachers should be trained on children’s behavioural activities, such as mental, emotional, and physical activities, classroom administration, and teaching procedures. They must be trained on how to be creative and should be allowed to have practical and a sense of ownership of their teaching plans.

    There should be innovative learning materials, educational technology and a well-equipped environment for learning. Interactive games and toys can help achieve active learning.

    It is also important to redesign the curriculum to provide innovative methods in education. For instance, it can be restructured to foster problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking. Some other engaging methods, like elements of play,  project-based learning and real-world applications, should be included in the curriculum.

    Recognising the hard work of teachers as they are the backbone of the education system is very important. This honour should be done publicly and within their schools to boost their energy and attract more people to the career.

    There was a time when teachers were well respected, and it is important to celebrate, honour, and invest in them. Provide tools needed to make learning an impactful one for the children.

    By collaborating with parents, teachers, policymakers, and the private sector, it is possible to have an education system that caters to children’s growth and imbibes the spirit of learning. On World Teachers Day, we should be committed to inspiring Nigerian teachers to teach and impact because they are the key to unlocking our future potential.

    Sanusi wrote in from Lagos.

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