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    Thursday, December 10, 2020

    Ariston: Positioning through Sustainable Comfort

    Director, Central Africa, Ariston Thermo Group, Gaurav Bisaria
    Through a campaign that is meant to deepen the bond between the Ariston brand and its consumers across the world, ‘The Ariston Comfort Challenge’ will achieve beyond that as this would further confirm the leadership status of the Ariston brand by exploring the unusual and assuring its patrons that comfort has no limit. Raheem Akingbolu reports

    In a market that is dominated with products of similar attributes, superior brands are known to show clear differentiation with innovative ideas that come with them. This, perhaps, explains the reason why many corporate organizations launch distinct innovations to set them apart from the crowd. In the water heating sector, one organization that has demonstrated this trait over the last few years is the Ariston Thermo Group. Determined to prove that its product offerings can deliver comfort even in the most extreme weather conditions, Ariston Thermo Group conceptualized and executed the ‘Ariston Comfort Challenge’ (ACC). The delivery of this real-life mission has continued to reverberate in the minds of its target consumers.

    The Ariston Comfort Challenge proved to be the best campaign to express the Group’s core vision of delivering sustainable comfort for everyone, everywhere in the world, which includes innovation, comfort, sustainability and efficiency.

    The Ariston History

    While Ariston Thermo Group was founded in Italy in 1930, starting with the production of weighing scales, the company witnessed intense growth and metamorphosed into a big brand 30 years after, producing gas cylinders and electric water heaters.

    Having enjoyed acceptance in the market where it operated, the company consolidated its leadership position in the Italian water heater segment by expanding into Western Europe’s main markets. Years after, it began to make inroads into the heating sector, producing boilers. The Ariston brand, the most international brand of the 90 years old Ariston Thermo Group, is an Italian brand with a strong heritage and history.

    The group, a manufacturer and marketer of heating and hot water products, systems and services offers energy-efficient solar, electric and gas water heaters and components such as electric heating elements and thermostats in the thermal comfort market for domestic, commercial and industrial spaces

    Ariston Thermo Group has grown to become a global brand establishing a huge presence in both emerging and frontiers markets located in different parts of the world. Currently, the group has maintained a leadership stronghold in the global thermal comfort market for domestic, commercial and industrial spaces operating in three different sectors with leading brands and an extensive range of solutions and services. In Nigeria, the company has entrenched its name in the mind of its relevant target segment through different product offerings.

    Over the years, the Ariston brand appears to have worked along the line of thought that each market has its behaviours, cultural nuances and consumer trends, which calls for specialized variations of this original brand identity. Through some corporate identity elements, such as brand values and logos, which have been maintained across all countries, Ariston local departments have also been given enough power to adapt products and messaging to appeal to their consumers. Analysts have since described this as a fine balancing act between creating a shared brand experience worldwide and being adaptable enough to remain relevant in each specific country.

    The positive side of all these is that the Ariston brand has remained a strong brand in the water heating industry and has remained a worldwide expert in water and environmental heating, providing innovative solutions to its consumers.

    The products are characterized by comfort, exclusive design, efficiency and quality and features at the same time very competitive price.

    For instance, in some countries, including Nigeria, Ariston LYDOS ECO, which was also recently introduced into the market, is believed to be the best solution for the user who wants a product that would guarantee energy-saving and at the same time maximum performance and maximum safety, is believed to be changing the market. WaterPlus technology provides up to 16% more hot water. According to experts, some of its unique selling points are; simple installation, safe and environmentally friendly construction.

    New Brand Communication Campaign

    Like a scene from an epic thriller, the recently premiered global campaign of the Ariston brand comes with suspense, anxiety and curiosity. Through adventurous elements in the campaign, the promoters successfully enthralled their consumers.

    The Ariston Comfort Challenge is though meant to further boost the profile of the Ariston, the leading and the most international brand in the Ariston Thermo Group, by highlighting its global mission of bringing sustainable comfort, even where it seems impossible to find but it will be achieved beyond that, considering the creative ingenuity explored in the campaign.

    The Ariston Comfort Challenge focused on ensuring thermal comfort could reach anywhere in the world. Through this mission, Ariston has donated a warm shelter to a group of scientists from the University of Copenhagen involved in climate change studies in the remote and icy Island of Disko, in Greenland (Arctic).

    Thanks to this mission, Ariston brand has also had the chance to give evidence to its product quality, which can work even in Extreme Conditions.

    Director, Central Africa, Ariston Thermo Group, Mr Gaurav Bisaria explained that a safe and sheltered house, heated and provided with hot water for the maximum comfort even during Polar winters would have not been possible without our commitment to quality.

    He noted that the success of the Ariston Comfort Challenge ‘Greenland Mission’ is another proof of the company core value of superior quality of Ariston products, which could be seen in the efficiency of the output of the product even in the extreme weather condition.

    “We are really glad about launching this amazing campaign on the 90th anniversary of Ariston Thermo. The Group is a is a global leader in thermal comfort solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial spaces and “The Ariston Comfort Challenge – Greenland Mission” is a campaign that makes us very proud as it testifies to the commitment to product quality in the quest of bringing comfort to everyone, even where it seems hard or impossible to find. Our new breed of water heaters introduced into the Nigerian market will help us embrace a completely new and different way to bring our purpose and mission to you” he said.

    He averred that the different ranges of Ariston Water Heater are of great quality which has endeared many customers to the brand. He noted that specific features in the products have continued to give the brand the edge in the marketplace. He listed the features to include high PUF insulation, Ultra-strong tank among others.

    “We are not known for compromising quality for all our products. It is the same quality of Water Heater installed in developed markets that you see available in Nigeria. Apart from that, the Water Heater acquired ten years ago is as good as the new one.

    “I can say that we have kept strictly to European standards in terms of the components and the maximum requirement for power consumption. Our Water Heaters are designed to withstand heat and rust. With Ariston Water Heater, you can keep water warm for a long period even when it is not in use. This is made possible because only Ariston has high PUF insulation and Ultra Strong tank that enables it to withstand high pressure and keep water hot”, he said.

    Speaking on safety, Bisaria stressed that all Ariston products have inbuilt protection that reduces chances of any accident or hazard arising from usage. According to him, each product comes with a safety valve which when properly installed protects it and the end-user against high pressure. Also, he stated that the product has a thermostat that protects the Water Heater against power surge which is seen by cutting off heating when it reaches the desired temperature.

    To further prevent human or material losses, Bisaria explained that users must take precautionary measures by ensuring they engage the service of skilled personnel for installations.

    Speaking on the effort made to bridge the capacity gap in the area of installation, he noted that Ariston had taken huge steps to improve on the number of skilled personnel. He further disclosed that the company had embarked on refresher courses and training to increase the pool of installers needed.

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