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    Sunday, December 24, 2023

    Turn Up Detty December vibes with Spotify's Festive Tunes and Party Crews

    Wear your flyest party outfits and dust off your dancing shoes, because Detty December is upon us! And this year, Spotify is bringing the heat with a sizzling lineup of festive playlists and party groups guaranteed to keep you rocking all season long.

    Detty December has morphed into a cultural colossus, its infectious spirit spilling across borders. In Ghana and Nigeria, the term has found fertile ground, blossoming into a vibrant shorthand for the season's electrifying festivities and unbridled celebrations. For the pulse-quickening GEN-Z, it's "Turnup" in its purest form, a December-long dance floor where joy reigns supreme.

    Detty December encompasses all December-January social gatherings, transcending its initial borders.

    Capitalizing on the Detty December craze, Spotify has teamed up with party powerhouses, festivals, and events across Ghana and Nigeria. This epic alliance promises a smorgasbord of curated experiences, amplifying the festive vibe and skyrocketing the music scene to new December heights.

    So forget fruitcake and carols, Spotify's Detty December playlists are all about the pulsating rhythms of good music. Dive into the curated Detty December destination for playlists such as, Detty December, Best of Detty December and Recovery

    For those keen on feeling the pulse of different popular parties and social organizations in Ghana and Nigeria such as - Blac Volta, Active Yard, and Cult Pop, or perhaps indulging in some light-hearted judgment of their music taste, rest assured, we gotcha! These three groups will be taking over the Detty December playlist, in collaboration with Spotify. 

    The Detty December playlist features a diverse range of genres that reflects the rich tapestry of cultural influences. From Afro-fusion, to highlife, street pop and Afrobeats, the Detty December playlist is a vibrant testament of the music scene, and is the perfect playlist to usher you into the Detty December season.

    Over the years, some standout tracks have come to symbolize and create lasting memories for Detty December. If you are eager to revisit those nostalgic moments and groove to the tunes that made Detty December unforgettable, the “Best of Detty December” playlist is the perfect musical journey for you. 

    After a long night of partying with friends and family, and you’re looking to wind down and chill,  the “Recovery” playlist is tailor made for you. This carefully curated selection of music serves as the perfect soundtrack for those moments when you're seeking relaxation and a tranquil escape after an energetic night of turning up! 

    These playlists are the best companions for this season, no matter where you find yourself. Whether you're chilling by the pool, hitting the clubs, or attending the latest parties, these playlists have the perfect soundtrack to make your December truly unforgettable. 

    Additionally, Spotify has teamed up with party powerhouses like Even in the Day (Nigeria),  Native Land Festival(Nigeria) and Free the Youth (Ghana), ready to inject an extra shot of confetti and high fives into these events. This underscores Spotify's commitment to being an integral part of the cultural tapestry during the lively and significant Detty December celebrations that both countries are known for.

    Spotify remains committed to endorsing moments that celebrate culture and foster unity among people, with Detty December being a prime example,” says Spotify’s West Africa Editor, Benewaah Boateng.

    And while Detty December is here, between the endless turn-ups and popping bottles, wallets can get a little thin. That's where Spotify comes in, partnering with Blac Volta, Ghana's Lifestyle & Entertainment gurus, to show you how to slay Detty December without breaking the bank!

    1. Plan Ahead: Plan your schedule in advance and book flights and accommodations early to secure better prices. Explore blogs and social media pages for discounts and offers, and don't forget to grab Early Bird tickets.  If you’re in Ghana, start by following the Blacvolta page to stay updated on parties and events. 
    2. Compare Prices: Scout for the best deals on flights, hotels, and activities/events. Utilize booking codes for events and take advantage of ride-hailing apps. 
    3. Local Cuisine: Embrace budget-friendly local food options and explore local markets such as for fresh and affordable produce. Follow food blogs like Eat Drink Lagos, if you’re in Nigeria and Zubaida and EatwithSOPHZ for tips on local cuisine in Ghana.
    4. Public Transportation: Opt for public transportation or ride-sharing services instead of relying solely on taxis or private transportation. Look for influencer discount codes on ride-hailing apps to save on transportation costs.
    5. Stay Hydrated: Always carry your own bottled water to stay hydrated, especially since it can get warm, and water prices at events can be expensive. Taking care of your hydration needs can save you money in the long run.
    For all things enjoyable this #DettyDecember, Spotify has got your back. So, what are you waiting for? Turn up the volume and let the good times roll!

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