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    Monday, January 3, 2022

    LG Electronics: World Premiere at CES Showcases Today's Innovations for a Better Tomorrow

    LG Home Appliance Virtual Exhibition
    At CES 2022, LG Electronics (LG) is presenting its vision for an enhanced lifestyle and a better future for all. Hosted by LG CEO William ChoLG World Premiere will introduce the company's diverse innovations for the new year and detail its continuing efforts to create a more inclusive user experience and sustainable tomorrow. LG's theme for CES 2022, The Better Life You Deserve, emphasizes LG's ultimate goal to elevate all aspects of daily life with technological and design innovation. This vision will be brought to life through three short films: A Better Life for YouA Better Life for All and A Better Life Tomorrow.

    A Better Life for You: Creating Value for Every Lifestyle

    LG's concept of the upgradable appliance is the focus of the first short film, A Better Life for You. With newly enhanced abilities to learn and evolve to better meet the needs of users' individual lifestyles, LG's upgraded ThinQ™ platform elevates compatible products with even more features to deliver the ultimate in versatility and convenience. A Better Life for You shows how advancements in LG's entertainment solutions are delivering a more personalized, interactive experience to viewers enjoying content on larger screens at home. 

    Audiences will be introduced to LG OLED evo Gallery Edition TV, which combines superior picture quality and screen brightness with a sleek form factor and LG StanbyME, a wireless private mobile wireless display that goes anywhere in the house to deliver the ultimate viewing experience of a traditional TV. Also making its worldwide debut are LG PuriCare™ AeroTower, an all-season home air care solution designed to deliver the benefits of an air purifier, fan and heater, and LG tiiun, an indoor gardening appliance that offers a simple, clean and reliable way to grow healthy greens all year round.

    A Better Life for All: More Sustainable, More Inclusive

    LG's commitment to reducing its environmental impact and making its business more sustainable is the focus of A Better Life for All. Energy saving innovations built into the InstaView® refrigerator and its "knock twice to see inside" transparent door, the increased use of recycled materials in packaging materials of LG Soundbars and the reduction of plastic components in LG OLED TVs all point to LG's commitment to finding solutions that are better for people and the planet. Beyond 2022, LG expects to introduce more than 600,000 tons of recycled plastic into its manufacturing processes and increase the recovery of electronic waste to eight million tons by 2030.

    Inclusiveness is also key to LG's growth as a brand and toward this goal, LG is committed to investing in Accessibility Advisory Councils across different markets. Councils are comprised of accessibility experts and those living with disabilities who will play a critical role in advising LG as it develops products with a more inclusive user experience in mind, such as voice commands and Braille labeling.

    To encourage innovation in the areas of sustainability and inclusivity in 2022, LG is establishing the LIFE'S GOOD AWARD, focusing on Innovation for Earth and Innovation for All to solicit ideas that minimize the environmental impact of human activities and make LG products more accessible and user-friendly. Up to $1 million in prize money will be awarded to the winning participants, and more details will be announced in the year ahead.

    A Better Life Tomorrow: Blueprint for the Future

    The third and final short feature focuses on the future and LG's role in turning the stuff of science fiction into reality, with the company's AI-powered CLOi door-to-door delivery robot being readied to roll into service. Audiences are also treated to a behind-the-scenes look as LG's virtual artist Reah as she rehearses for her upcoming music video.

    LG Home Entertainment Virtual Studio

    LG Virtual Experience

    Also getting the spotlight is LG OMNIPOD, a mobility concept solution that blurs the distinction between home and car. Expanding upon the automotive solutions presented in LG's previous Connected Car at CES 2020, LG OMNIPOD is an on-the-road extension of one's personal living space. Designed to function as a home office, an entertainment center or even a lounge, LG OMNIPOD offers a look at how a busy individual might be able to get more done in a future, where working remotely doesn't mean having to work from home.

    Located inside the main entrance of Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center, LG's on-site exhibit promises to offer both physical and online visitors an engaging and interactive experience through AR and VR technologies.

    LG's Home Entertainment showcase will be featured in LG Virtual Studio in three individual zones: LG OLED on Metaverse, Virtual Showroom and LG OLED Art. All three zones allow visitors to discover and experience the company's latest products in compelling, interactive ways. LG's new home appliances will be featured in the virtual exhibition halls aptly named LG Home, LG Home by Objet Collection and LG ThinQ™. LG Home is a virtual living space where visitors can explore the company's latest appliances including a new washer-dryer set, PuriCare™ AeroTower and LG tiiun. In LG Home by Objet Collection, visitors can curate their own space by choosing the wallpaper, flooring and other interior design elements to harmonize with the customizable appliances in LG's premium lifestyle collection. LG ThinQ™ gives visitors a "tour" of all the features and functions of LG's smart ecosystem which are all accessible through the upgraded LG ThinQ app.

    Visit LG's CES site and the official YouTube channel for more insights into what LG has in store for CES 2022.

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