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    Thursday, January 12, 2023

    Be Money Wise in 2023: Three Steps to Help You Improve Your Financial Habits

    Mobile apps provide today’s youth with incredibly intuitive ways to become more money-savvy. With 2023 starting with a bang, now is as good a time to get into the savings habit. To help you make smarter decisions in your spending, head on over to the AppGallery and browse the Finance, Food and Business category to see which apps are suited to your needs.

    From tracking, educational and budgeting apps, you’ll be able to meet your financial needs with guidance. Most importantly, implementing saving in your daily life will help you in the long term.

    Keep yourself in check by monitoring your spending

    Apps provide us with a convenient and efficient way to track and manage our finances. With the use of budgeting and personal finance apps, young people can easily track their spending, set financial goals and create a budget that works for them.

    The iSaveMoney and Expense Tracker apps are just two examples of the rich tools available to bullet-proof a budget.

    Some financial apps allow users to link their bank accounts and credit cards, by providing an accurate and up-to-date overview of their financial situation. By using these tools, young people can identify areas where they may be overspending and make necessary adjustments to their budget in order to save money.

    Integrate saving in your daily lifestyle and buy at discounted prices

    Apps can also help young people save money by providing access to discounts and special offers. Many retailers and service providers offer exclusive discounts and promotions that are not available to non-app users. For example, a clothing store may offer app users a discount code that can be redeemed at checkout, while a food delivery service may offer a discounted delivery fee for app users. These discounts and promotions can add up quickly, helping young people save money on the products and services they use on a regular basis.

    Some of the apps to consider in this regard include Mr D for food discounts, Pick ‘n Pay ASAP! and Checkers from a grocery and convenience perspective.

    Leverage financial education resources to make informed decisions 

    Finally, mobile apps also provide a wealth of information when it comes to financial education. Many apps offer educational content, including budgeting tips, financial planning advice and investment guidance. By using these resources, our youth can learn valuable skills that will help them manage their money more effectively and make informed financial decisions.

    Some great examples in AppGallery include Business Finance, Personal Finance and 360Learning.

    Overall, apps are great to help the youth start saving. Whether through budgeting and financial management tools, access to discounts and promotions, or financial education resources, the future generation can access a range of benefits to help them reach their financial goals and build a solid foundation for their future.


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