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    Sunday, August 16, 2020

    Story of Chinese-Congolese Singer Zhong Feifei

    Earlier this month, the Produce Camp 2020 trainee lineup was announced, and one trainee is gaining particular attention: Winnie Zhong FeiFei. She was born in 1996 to a Chinese mother and a Congolese father in Liaoning, China. She’s the first ever contestant with African heritage on the show!
    Produce Camp 2020 is a popular chinese reality. But there's a stunning story of a participant this year. That of Chinese African singer Zhong Feifei.

    Zhong who is Chinese-Congolese is helping to bring diversity to the Chinese entertainment industry.

    She competed on the show with 101 contestants vying for a stardom in a seven-member girl group. The show has gathered much attention both domestically and abroad, with millions of views on episodes and clips uploaded on YouTube.

    "I think the only time I felt identity crisis is when I first moved back to Congo. I wasn't growing up that much as a biracial, like in biracial way. I wasn't that aware of my Congolese culture." Zhong says.

    Zhong's presence on the popular show drew mixed reactions, with dedicated fans rallying to support her and others attacking her for her background.

    she still very much remember the first fan letter she ever read - from a girl in the U.S..

    "She said something about, I being the reason - that I could bring so many people from different cultural backgrounds together," Zhong said. _"_They get to communicate, they get to sort of work together to support me and I thought that was like a very cool thing ."

    Zhong started off as a fashion and lifestyle vlogger on Weibo (similar to Twitter), and Bilibili (a Chinese video-sharing website launched in 2010) and has now reconnected with Congolese culture.

    To her surprise, the Produce Camp 101 show reached out and asked her to audition.

    During her performance of Meghan Trainor's "Me Too," which received over 1.7 million views on YouTube, Zhong showed off her singing and dancing skills. She made it all the way to the 27th spot before being eliminated.

    But not before she had acquired more than one million followers on Weibo and a sizeable international following.

    She speaks Chinese, English, Swahili and French, and has a very impressive academic track record! She did her bachelor’s degree at Boston University, and her postgraduate degree in counter-terrorism at the prestigious John Hopkins University.

    She’s been winning over fans internationally with her unique heritage – despite the racial discrimination she faces in China. Back at school, Winnie explained that she straightened her hair to fit in more, but now she wears her natural curls proudly.

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