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    Tuesday, November 16, 2021

    A Tourist's Guide to the Weird and Wacky People On South Africa's Streets


    By Haji Mohamed Dawjee

    Haji Mohamed Dawjee is a South African columnist, disruptor of the peace and the author of Sorry, Not Sorry: Experiences of a Brown Woman in a White South Africa. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @sage_of_absurd

    Holiday season is upon us. And this year, unlike last, when the pandemic was rife with restrictions, the tourists will come. So, as my last attempt at serving society, I have compiled a succinct yet incomplete list of the weird, wacky and worrying characters that visitors may cross paths with on these streets.

    From politicians, to picketers, to the different types of people you may find on the Sea Point promenade, to, of course, the peculiar. So, in no specific order, I bring your attention to:

    The white vagrant. Be warned, it is almost impossible to tell these legitimately impoverished white people apart from the extremely wealthy ones who simply have the privilege to just look poor.

    You will look at their trench-coats - yes even in hot weather - their bleached hair and burnt skin and try to figure it all out and then, as a last resort, you will drop your gaze to the name-brand shoes and still find it impossible to...

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