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    Thursday, September 16, 2021

    Glovo is Officially in Nigeria, Redefining Tech Driven On-Demand Delivery!

    Customers nowadays would rather order food and other items from an app and have them delivered, than walk into a neighbouring restaurant or store. The concept of on-demand delivery service has redefined comfort, efficiency, and convenience for users across every consumer service, product category or just anything.

    A global technology company Glovo has recently launched its multi-category on-demand delivery platform in Nigeria! This app connects users and couriers, allowing them to order any product or food item with a simple tap on their smartphone and have it delivered to them fast by a specialist Glovo rider, called a Glover.

    The app works in 6 unique categories where users can order items from supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, drinks, specific package deliveries and an interesting category for anything else that can fit on a motorbike.

    The package delivery category extends to independent logistics companies to ensure maximum customer satisfaction where users can request for a rider on the platform to send or collect packages, with tracking from the app.

    We outlined 3 key things to enjoy when you #OrderAGlovo in Nigeria;


    Using the Glovo app enables you purchase items from your desired merchant and get them delivered to your doorstep. This doesn’t only save you the stress of going shopping but ensures your comfort and convenience.


    The Glovo marketplace is not restricted to food and consumables, it also includes grocery chains, pharmacies, and retail stores. The app has an "anything" category, so consumers can order or send whatever they want so far it fits on a motorbike…literarily anything! You can also send gifts to your loved ones with #OrderAGlovo.


    With Glovo, restaurant food is delivered in a triple layer multi-compartment thermally insulated bag that has been extensively tested to ensure hot food arrives steaming hot and ice cream arrives cold, even in the same delivery!

    Glovo App is available for download on iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Also, for more information about Glovo, please visit http://about.glovoapp.com.

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