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    Saturday, June 15, 2013

    I’ve Overcome My Handicap -Nike Oshinowo

    Not many will believe that a former beauty queen, Nike Oshinowo, is a shy person. Since 1990 when she was crowned Miss Nigeria, she has remained relevant in the beauty industry.

    However, she said that although she and everyone in her family are naturally shy, she has found ways of overcoming the handicap.

    The former beauty queen said, “I have always been shy; every single member of my family is. The thing is, we get over our handicap, isn’t that what life is about? It has been difficult, but I have learnt to separate my private life from my public life. I have always done that so when I talk, I talk about my project and my work. Very rarely do I talk about my private life.”

    She stated that often times, she had been thought to be way younger than her age but she loved that she is 47 years old and could not wait to clock 50.

    “I have a lot of young friends, but I have constantly been mistaken for someone in her late 20s. I see it as a compliment but I love being 47. I am looking forward to turning 50. I can’t wait. I am loving my life right now. My current project, the Centenary Pageant, is unique in nature. I like unique and exciting projects. We have to backup our lives at work.
    I enjoy what I am working on and that is what I believe in. My work always revolves around food, the beauty industry and, sometimes, sleep because those are my favourites. I love my sleep. I want to make this my legacy, to prove that the pageant industry is not a frivolous industry. It does not have to be; there is nothing frivolous about beauty. Beauty is only frivolous when we make it to be. When we have serious minded people behind the industry, it is an industry to be reckoned with.”

    Also a fitness trainer, Oshinowo advised women that instead of going under the surgeon’s knife for nip  and tuck to look beautiful, they should exercise.

    “We can’t divorce African women from other women from the rest of the world. It is a world thing; women all over the world think they’ll look younger if they go under the knife or they look slimmer. I say wake up with me at 5.30 every morning and you will look like this. Eat healthy, five meals a day like I say to them, five times, small meals a day and you will be healthy.
    Do everything in proportion and you will be fine. You will not need to do nip and tucks,” said the fitness trainer.
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