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    Thursday, July 15, 2021

    Travel Agents are Dynamic in Growth of Tourism Sector

    Travel agency is one of the most important organizations in the tourism private sector which plays a significant and crucial role in the entire process of developing and promoting tourism in the country or at a destination.

    This is because they help to market the sector and help tourists with travel arrangements and accommodation to their preferred destinations.

    For the Zambian tourism to be fully marketed and exploited, there is a need for the country to have more travel agents across the world.

    Tourists in most instances count on travel agents to turn their dream vacations into realities.

    Despite Zambia being the best tourist destination in Africa as it boasts of numerous waterfalls that present a spectacular sight of unmatched beauty and splendour, the country's tourism sector has not fully been marketed and exploited.

    Thanks to the Brazil's Premier Tourismo Club, in partnership with Africa Nova and Mail news tourism for training 145 travel agents to market Zambia's tourism sector in South America.

    The Brazilian Travel Agents took part in a virtual seminar organised by the Premier Tourismo Club before they undertake the task of marketing and promoting Zambia's natural wonders in South America.

    Zambia's Ambassador to Brazil, Alfreda Kansembe-Mwamba who was part of the seminar said the training would build capacity among the travel agents in Zambia's tourism sector.

    Dr Kansembe-Mwamba said when she opened a seminar that the move would enable them to easily sell Zambia as the best tourist destination in Africa.

    She urged Brazilian travel agents and all cooperating partners spearheading the marketing of tourism to visit Zambia and enjoy the rich cultural diversity.

    The training of these travel agents in Brazil has come at the time when tourism was on the upswing globally.

    The travel agents that have just been trained would help the country to improve the economy and enhance the image as a beautiful destination.

    The initiative of training Brazilian travel agents is a great move in marketing the country's tourist attractions.

    Director of Premier Tourism Club, Sergio Jose Maciura disclosed that the travel agents will soon be accorded an opportunity to visit Zambia and learn about the vast, rich tourist attractions the country is endowed with.

    Mr. Maciura notes Zambia online tourism project has generated maximum interest from Latin Americans who cannot wait to sample Zambia's rich tourist attractions.

    In August last year, the Brazilian Premier Tourismo Club at a tourism Expo, expressed interest to partner with Zambia in marketing the country as the best tourism destination.

    We hope that with various support from the international community and stakeholders in marketing Zambia's tourism, the sector will achieve growth and contribute to the country's economic development.

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