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    Monday, April 8, 2024

    Radio Personality, Do2dtun Reflects on 40th Birthday

    Renowned Nigerian radio personality and entertainer, Do2dtun, took to Instagram to mark his 40th birthday with a moment of reflection, showcasing his impeccable style.

    In his heartfelt birthday message, Do2dtun expressed gratitude for reaching this milestone age, likening his journey to the resilience of Paul, the toughness of Moses, the heart of Joseph, and the strength of David.

    He acknowledged the challenges he faced but credited his faith in God for seeing him through.

    “40WithMoreEnergy +1 I was born with the resilience of Paul, the toughness of Moses, the heart of Joseph, and the strength of David. I was tested but I trusted God. I have earned my flowers and I have and still earning my flowers over & over again.

    Energy gAD, you dey try. You’ve gone through the fire, through the water, and perhaps dragged through the mud too, but here you are standing taller than you, they, or anyone could’ve imagined. People get their flowers when they die, but I’m glad I am alive and well to get mine. I have paid my dues and still worth every bit of the accolades I get.

    They say “40” is a milestone, Yes I believe, but in my life, it shall be a breakthrough. I will teach more men how to live and grow formidable… As I step into my best years in life, I pray from the deepest part of my heart that God bless me with good health, abundant wealth, happiness, undiluted love, joy unspeakable, and total bliss.

    Oladotun, you are loved by God and greatly appreciated by a few who see through me. I am okay with that. The best is yet to come. Happy birthday, CHAMP!!!”

    While it may seem like the story of Do2dtun is merely about a man who danced his way to the top, there’s a depth to his journey that goes beyond the dance floor. Behind the scenes lies a narrative of resilience, positivity, and unwavering dedication to his craft.

    In a world where challenges abound and obstacles seem insurmountable, Do2dtun chose to embrace positivity and radiate infectious energy to those around him. His ability to maintain such a buoyant spirit despite facing adversity speaks volumes about his character and inner strength.

    Yes, Do2dtun makes his feats appear effortless but let’s not underestimate the cost of generating such boundless energy. Energy generation is not cheap, the recent hike in electricity tariffs for band A customers in Nigeria should tell you that simple truth. 

    For Do2dtun, let’s tinker with how he gets the mental fortitude, spiritual well-being, and physical fitness required to sustain such vibrancy. Do2dtun, aka Energy Gad, has mastered the art of balancing these aspects of his life, ensuring he’s always in the best form to entertain and inspire his audience.

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